On January 8th, more than 10 churches across the United States united together for online evangelism and discipleship. They held online conference discussing the Evangelism and Discipleship Project online. 

During this pandemic, many people cannot meet in person. Many people are really hungry for the Word of God and real person fellowship among brothers and sisters. Even though many churches try their best to reach out to people, in order to build a possible way to reach many people is a hard task online by one or two churches. In his situation, they cooperate together now in order to provide cooperated Bible study program for many people who are hungry and thirsty in the US. 

As online survey indicates, many people who had been attending churches, 2/3 of them have been not active enough since last year. Many problems occur during this past year. Even later after the pandemic, many people may be still used to stay online. In this situation, many church ministers hope that through this online evangelism project, many people could be reached, especially for many young people who really need Lord’s guidance through the truth of God. 

If you see this news, please spread this registration website to your social media accounts, to your family members, friends and more. May God bless you more through doing this.